About Alison

Starting therapy takes bravery. My work is focused on recognizing that bravery the moment you walk through my door and anyone courageous enough to do so deserves respect and support. I hope to guide and empower you, first as a caring human being, and then as a professional, to give you skills to help bring healing on your journey that brings you here. With a complimentary education in the areas of fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness, I take an integrative and holistic approach to my work to help create an overall positive lifestyle change for all my clients.

I understand that each person is unique; therefore, I work with you to best meet your needs. I specialize in working with adolescents, young adults, and adults struggling with depression, anxiety, career issues, or balancing life, and/or relationships problems. I offer a supportive environment in which my clients can feel safe to explore their difficulties.

I look forward to developing a connection with you that involves trust, empathy, and collaboration as well as sharing a safe space for disclosure. When you are ready to seek healing and personal growth, I am here to meet you right where you are. Email or call me to schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation today!

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